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The Estate extends to approximately 5,100 acres and has been the home of the Fortescue family since 1684. At its heart is the beautiful Palladian style Castle Hill house, which provides the backdrop for your visit. The house itself is surrounded by elegant Grade I Listed Parkland, mature gardens, a wonderful unique collection of historic follies and fountains and a variety of special veteran trees, shrubs and plants.

Castle Hill is a thriving Estate and is actively involved in traditional agriculture and forestry, as well as hosting regular annual events such as the Family Fun Day and Charity Dog Show, outdoor theatre performances and other seasonal events. The estate provides housing, offices, warehousing and light industrial space to local businesses and the local community. We are continually exploring new opportunities and enterprises, with exciting plans for the gardens and the wider Estate over the coming years.



Castle Hill is steeped in a rich history. The current custodians of Castle Hill are the 17th Fortescue generation to live here. The Fortescue's arrived in England in 1066 with William the Conqueror. Legend has it that Sir Richard le Fort saved William's life by shielding him from his enemies. Thus the family motto "Forte Scutum Salus Ducum" - a strong shield saves the kingdom. Visit our ‘full history’ page for a more in-depth account of Castle Hill’s past.

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Discover 50 acres of enchanting landscape set against the beautiful 18th century Palladian house and explore scented pathways and majestic woodland. This is a garden for all seasons – highlights include the Millennium Garden, Devon’s longest Camelia hedge and Magnolia Wood. Wander by the river to the Ugley Bridge then climb to the Castle for magnificent views of Exmoor, Dartmoor and beyond. Castle Hill is home to the 17th generation of the Fortescue family and their dachshunds, cat, mini pigs and ponies.

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Throughout the year we host a variety of events from a Family Fun Day & Charity Dog Show and outdoor theatre performances to our family favourite Easter bunny hunt, antique auctions and charity run fundraisers.

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